Free (Again) Poem by Jasmine Benjamin

Free (Again)


For so long I was in that place

That was filled with so much pain

That I wondered what it would be like

To be free



I struggled to breathe, to have peace

Wondering if the hurt upon hurt would never cease

And tried to imagine what it would be like to be free



Take it away, God, I begged

Give me joy instead

And on the outside, I seemed perfectly fine

And all the while, I was crying out to be free



I laughed and hung out and celebrated others

I went to work, and at Church I smiled and shook hands with the sisters and brothers

All the while praying,  begging,  pleading to be free



It did not happen in a flash or with a bang as I had hoped

But slowly,  gently,  God healed me and took away the hurt

And one day, I realized that I was free



I realized that I could get up in the morning without that burden on my soul

And I could go through a whole day

Feeling not broken but whole

And what showed on the outside

Reflected what was going on the inside

Because I was free


 If ever you were burdened or hurt

And the healing process took a while

Then, you will understand these lines

And if you're currently experiencing pain and praying for the rain

Know that although the enemy desires to sift you like wheat

Mercy has said no

And God has promised not to let you go

And someday,  someday,  you will be free




by Jasmine Benjamin